Chasing Rubies, Chasing Gold

"I'm proud to be different. It's the best thing about me"

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Dean likes making breakfast in the morning and humming some Led Zeppelin song as he flips pancakes. He wears this cute little apron that has “Kiss the cook!” written on the front. Cas bought for him as a Christmas present and Sam constantly teases him about it. But he doesn’t care, he wears it proudly whenever he cooks. 

Cas always comes into the kitchen in the mornings, coming up behind Dean and wrappying his arms around Dean’s waist. He hugs Dean and kisses his cheek whispering, “Good morning, Dean,” in his deep, gravelly voice. Dean turns around with a shining grin on his face and kisses Cas properly.

Then Sam comes in and sees them making out against the kitchen counter. He waits for them to stop and recognize his presence in the room, but they don’t. He groans in annoyance and throws his hands up in the air muttering, “And this is why I should have never helped you two get together.”

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