Chasing Rubies, Chasing Gold

"I'm proud to be different. It's the best thing about me"

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Coffeeshop AU based off of this picture. This has been sitting in my docs for months unfinished, and I don’t know if it’s been done already for Klaine, but if it has, I’m sorry for being repetitive! PG, ~1500 words

When Santana landed a job at a coffee shop a few blocks from the diner, Kurt immediately jumped at the opportunity. He needed the extra money, and it was easy enough to talk Santana into getting him an interview. He had experience from working at the Lima Bean and luckily, the owner was so in need of help that Kurt was offered the job on the spot. After some strategic planning, he was able to work a couple shifts a week into his schedule.

Compared to the high energy environment of the diner, working at a quiet coffee shop was a nice break in his week. It always smelled of fresh cookies and dark roast beans, and Kurt genuinely enjoyed making cups of gourmet coffee for patrons. He moved around the counter like a machine, and once he got into a rhythm, he was pretty good at it.

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Lost Time


A/N: For garrisonbabe and casthewise. I hope better days find you soon, darlings. *muwah* — hs!AU, fluff, ~1k.

Castiel walks down the halls with his notebooks and textbooks clutched to his chest and his eyes scanning the throngs of students around him.

Dean usually meets him after their last class of the day and they walk to their lockers together before Dean gives Castiel a ride home, but sometime between the last time Castiel saw him, which was right before fourth period, and now, Dean has gone missing.

It wouldn’t be such a big deal, Castiel is fully capable of navigating the school halls on his own, but it’s not like Dean to just up and disappear without telling him. They are best friends after all.

When Castiel reaches his locker and Dean isn’t there either, Castiel has a sinking feeling that something could be very, very wrong. …Something like Dean finding out Castiel has had a crush on him for the better part of their high school years; a secret Castiel has kept tucked away in the most private part of himself ever since the crush first bloomed in seventh grade English class.

He’s debated telling Dean before, several times actually, but the fear of losing Dean as a friend because he doesn’t return the feelings has always kept Castiel from saying anything.

Willing himself to calm down, Castiel sends Dean a text asking where he’s at. Quite frankly Dean could just be running late from class and Castiel could be worrying over nothing.

By the time he’s loaded his homework into his back pack and is heading out the school doors Dean hasn’t responded and Castiel’s convinced himself Dean somehow knows about his crush and is too freaked out by it to even tell Castiel they can’t be friends anymore.

He walks home going over and over in his head what he’ll say to Dean when he sees him to make Dean understand that Castiel doesn’t expect anything from Dean and that they can go on being friends just like they’ve always been. It hurts to think he can’t have Dean in that way, but he’d rather have Dean’s friendship than nothing at all.

When Castiel arrives home and sees Dean’s Impala out front of his house his stomach drops. Maybe something is really wrong…

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